262 We Were Running Low on Canned Food and Drinking Water

It was a freak phenomenon the “tropical” typhoon hit off the coast of lake Michigan. The swells ran over 100 miles high. Rain poured down in  droves. It was a hard unending rain like an attack of killer bees. They evacuated the immediate outskirts of the storm radius but, no one thought the  waves would come so far off the coastline. We were hunkered down in the closet under the stairs. Waves completely covered the top of  you house. Alligators and Jelly fish were floating by. Apparently since the global climate change, tropical animals had begun to settle in the warmer waters of Lake Michigan.

We were running low on canned food and drinking water so my wife managed to rope a  salmon with a clothes line and used a wire hangar to filet the delicacy. I hate sushi, but I choked it down the best I could.the closet was rapidly filling and soon, we were waist deep in water. That’s when the hammerhead shark  drifted in. My wife wrestled the shark by jumping on its back and riding it rodeo style. It reared its head back and bared its teeth. I took the pliers from the tool box that we stored in the closet and removed the shark’s teethe one by one . “That’s  something for the smashbook” I panted. “Honey , I hate to say this but I think your smashbook’s gone bye-bye,” She replied.

“I wish we had bought that rental insurance now!” I screamed above the noise.  Suddenly I heard the jingle Nationwide is on your side. I slowly opened my eyes The announcer said We will return to Sharknado momentarily. Darn! I guess I fell asleep in front of the TV again.


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