The Reason for the Season

Will I go to heaven?

Is life a dead end?

I choose to believe

That Jesus walks with me

Remember the reason

To celebrate the season

Not just gifts and papers

Or Santa’s Christmas capers

Jesus came to save me

As a swaddling baby

Grew into a man

Who took a stand

To save us all from sin

And will come back again

Romans 10:9 if you declare with your mouth, Jesus are Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.


Get a Job



Get a job get a job

Don’t you dare steal and rob

I have had some of the worst jobs on the ticker

First job I had at 13 was to be a strawberry picker

Second job was detassling  corn

That one didn’t blow my horn

First REAL job was Burger King

Turned out it was not my scene

Finally got a job catering

Now I knew I’d found my thing

Serving the DePauw students and alums

Eating leftovers always fun

Once we got stuck on an elevator with food

We sampled it all  was really good.

Once we went to a haunted chapel

Delivered fritters made of apple

Once I had to serve Dan Quayle

His impression on me was a total fail

Snapped his fingers when he wanted me to come

Spoke to me like I was a right bum.

Finally went into business with my dad

Selling trinkets and festival fads

That’s where I learned the value of entrepreneurship

As my dad let me keep 20% plus tips

To my future self with love

to my future self with love

coming down from heaven above

perfectly pleasant in every way

that is what my tombstones will say

Well adjusted and well-liked

that will be my future life

getting out and going places

seeing all those happy faces

My future self will really rock

always keep pickles in stock

my future self will really roll

If I live life with all  its heart and soul

Writer’s Block

Can’t write can’t write

Gotta fight

These demons inside me

Who say that I can’t be

The great writer I want to be

The one I know is hidden inside me

Peel back the layers of flesh

Let my mind get some fresh

You’ll see
I can kick rhymes as well as anybody

Don’t stop don’t stop now

I’m on a roll I don’t know how

Put pen to paper and the words just flow

Silences those voices that are telling me no

Now if just let my mind roam

Maybe I’ll come up with another poem



Ode to Pickles

Ode to pickles

You make my salivary glands trickle

So crisp and cool

And crunchy too

Just the right amount of tart

I had to start

Buying them in bulk

Really it’s no joke

I love to drink the juice

Put it too good use

They’re zero calories

So I don’t see why we

Don’t eat pickles everyday

They’re made in the USA