176 Write a story about a character who wants to change something about themselves

** My first attempt at Children’s Lit**

Once upon a time, there was a little doggie named Shep. He was part Chihuahua  and part rat terrier. He weighed about 10 pounds.  Shep was a service dog which means he helped his owner. He let his owner pet him when she was ill and he guided her home  or got her help when she needed it.

Shep loved  his owner and his job very much. There was just one thing he wished. He wished to be big and strong  like  other dogs he saw. When Shep would see a bigger dog or a squirrel, he would dig and scratch with his feet trying to look tough but the squirrels  and dogs just laughed at him. When Shep slept, he dreamed he was a big dog and growled in his sleep.

Finally, one night Shep saw a shooting start. OH Please make me big he wished. The next morning Shep awoke and couldn’t believe himself. He was a beefy 45 pounds of pure muscle,  Now I can chase those squirrels He was so  happy.

Soon, his owner came in for a nap. Shep tried to jump on the bed in his usual spot. “No,  Shep you’re too big.” his owner told him. Shep was a bit sad. Next it was time for breakfast. Shep was very hungry in his new big size. When he went to eat, the food tasted weird. “How do you like your new big dog food?” His owner asked. Shep didn’t like it at all. He wanted his small dog food. Next, it was time for a walk. Shep saw the squirrels. He was finally going to get them! He growled a big growl and scratched his feet and the squirrels began to run away. Shep started to chase them but because he had more weight, he couldn’t run as fast

Shep thought being a big dog was not what he expected. He realized being a small dog  has its advantages too  So that night, on a shooting star he wished to be back to normal. From then on, he was a grateful puppy and  appreciated everything he had.


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