Look at me I am free

I am happy as can be
I made it one year hospital free
No more sheesties in my brain
No more voices in to reign
I have been good for 12 months
No shenanigans or silly stunts
My friends helped me through the time
And Kel my wfie’s loves always shines
Through to me from inside out
I make it this year I have no doubt


weather weather

Every time I turn around
Weather weather up and down
This day will be wam with sun
Hurry for some outdoor fun
This day will be wet or cold
This day cannot be foretold
Weather forecaster does it well
Predicting that snowy spell
Only job you can be often wrong
And keep your job for so long


At the Doctor

At the doctor wait forever

Hoping she can make you better

Pill for this cream for that

This one works on body fat

Jelly legs when walk I try

That one needs an mri

Whooshing sound in my ear

Nothing major don’t you fear

Lose some weight and exercise

Her advice is no surprise

In six weeks A1C

How high will my sugar be?

She takes time and shows she cares

In this day that’s very rare


My Job

What do I do for a living?

How about not taking but giving

People think I’m a slob

I should get a real job

If there’s one thing I am not is lazy

But office politics are crazy

Nobody likes this one

Suck up to that one

Not for me you can see

I am as relaxed as can be

Just working the quiet life

At home here with my wife.


April showers

April showers bring may flowers
Mother nature has all the power
Make it rain or make it sun
Mother nature has all the fun.
100% chance of rain till Friday
That’s a long time to wait for a dry day
If it rains on Easter it rains on the next seven sundays
How ironic we call them SUNdays
Hopefully the rain will slow
And make way for a beautiful rainbow


To all those who follow me

Humble a beginning as can be

I have grown exponentially

In people who read my poem eventually

I didn’t think it had much potential see

This little o blog of mine

Has readers in its prime

Every continent does follow

Even when I just wallow

In self-pitty and despair

Thank  you followers for being there



Alone alone

That is how I write this poem

Wife didn’t take her phone

To the gas station  she did roam

Can’t wait till she comes home

In a black hole of despair

People don’t seem to care

They think it’s  unfair

Not letting my wife wander there

Instead of me I wish for we

That danger that she couldn’t foresee

Soon I’ll be happy as can be

Because my wife is home with me