I am excited that spring has sprung here

Naturally Excited today

Our squirrels are active our birds sing cheer

Branches blossoming in every way

Rain down water from the heavenly skies

Of sunshine and rainbows I never grow tire

Tornadoes abound on here weather wise

My hope that winter had long expired

Stupid Groundhog saw his shadow poor sap

We’ve had cold days and we’ve had hot ones too

Never know there’s truth in the weather map

I want to see bunnies and birds born new

Too bad there is still snow on the ground

I am looking for spring but it’s not found




Amused not quite happy

A little laughy

Someone made you smile

If only for a little while

It’s a feeling I pursue

It’s something that is fun to do

Amuse someone

For lots of fun

Never bored with nothing to do

When you are amused



Doom Doom

Is there room?

For all the choices

For listening to the plea of voices

Warm winters cold Summers

Weather moving to the beat of its own drummers

Trees and grasses die from drought

Other places flooded out

Sun blazing way to hot

In January but it’s not

In March under a wet blanket of snow

Birds come back North too soon

Ecosystems fall to ruin

We have to be go-getters

Work to make this planet better

People say someday somehow

I’m here to say someday is now