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Hi all I wanted to thank you all for your interest in my blog. I know many readers and their loved ones are suffering from mental illness as well. I am pleased to announce I have opened my own bipolar forum here:  and I am looking forward to seeing you all there and getting to know you!


Mindful Mcnuggets

HI I was going through some old blogs consolidating things and I came across about mindfully eating chicken nuggets.
I was a great reminder to stop and smell the roses (nuggets) so I thought i’d post it here

, I tried midfully eating my chicken McNuggets without the CD. I looked one over examining the texture and fell in my fingers. Then I sniffed it. I peeled the coating off and ate it separately. Then I ate the meat. Then I dipped an entire nugget together in buffalo sauce and ate it. When I was eating the coating, I noticed the taste of the breading and the feel and scent of the oil. I noticed the crunchy outer texture in my mouth and the then unexpectedly notice a soft, soggy interior of the breading where it had been touching the chicken. When looking at the meat, I noticed its bumpy, uneven texture and some darker and lighter spots. I noticed the taste of the chicken in my mouth and the feel of the juice from the meat on my tongue. When eating the whole chicken nugget with sauce, I noticed the difference in texture between the liquid sauce, the crunchy texture of the breading, and the juicy meat. I notice enhanced flavor, especially in the sauce. The spiciness of the buffalo sauce seemed intensified as I noticed the tingling sensation on my tongue from the heat. Overall, I was much more aware of the chewing process, the saliva slowly breaking down the bites of food piece by piece until parts of it disintegrated completely, melting in my mouth, and the rest slid down my esophagus. I noticed I was taking smaller bites, chewing more thoroughly, and eating much more slow

Leaves on a stream

I am sitting at the edge of the stream in cool soft mud. The autumn air is crisp as the leaves on the trees. Red and yellow foliage as far as the eye can see. The leaves drop one by one floating to the ground like a feather in the wind very slowly to join their kin folk already on the ground. The crisp crunch of leaves being ground up under foot is refreshing and reassuring. I am tense and full of worry despite my peaceful surroundings. I reach up to the tree and pluck off a tender leaf. I write down my worry “finances” I look at it for a moment noting its fragility and then I place it gently on the stream as it floats over the bubbly rapids and rocks and makes its way down stream I say “there goes worry. There goes finances”. I continue to pick leaves one by one noting their tender veins and crisp exterior and send them one by one floating down the stream. “There goes anxiety about my dad. There goes fear.of riding in the car”. I watch them as they flow out of mind out of sight. Crashing against the rocks. I hear the bubbling of the stream as it washes my worries away. Now it is just me. All my worries anxieties and fears have gone away I wash my muddy feet and hands in the cool crystal clear bubbling stream water. Then I slowly get up and walk away. Cleansed by the stream in more ways than one.

Indiana Weather

Burning hot freezing cold
Weather patterns never hold
One moment you’re an eskimo in an igloo
The next it is all that you can do
To not get naked and run through sprinklers
Stay out of the sun so you don’t get wrinkles
WIsh our weather was more moderate
Wanted to go camping but said sod it.
Temps up in the 90s
Always hate to find these
High  electric bills
From running the air conditioner
Then in winter to be on a mission or
Two to get through the snow and cold
Weather in the Midwest  is bold
All I can say is I wish the weather would get
A little more temperate

Look at me I am free

I am happy as can be
I made it one year hospital free
No more sheesties in my brain
No more voices in to reign
I have been good for 12 months
No shenanigans or silly stunts
My friends helped me through the time
And Kel my wfie’s loves always shines
Through to me from inside out
I make it this year I have no doubt

weather weather

Every time I turn around
Weather weather up and down
This day will be wam with sun
Hurry for some outdoor fun
This day will be wet or cold
This day cannot be foretold
Weather forecaster does it well
Predicting that snowy spell
Only job you can be often wrong
And keep your job for so long


At the Doctor

At the doctor wait forever

Hoping she can make you better

Pill for this cream for that

This one works on body fat

Jelly legs when walk I try

That one needs an mri

Whooshing sound in my ear

Nothing major don’t you fear

Lose some weight and exercise

Her advice is no surprise

In six weeks A1C

How high will my sugar be?

She takes time and shows she cares

In this day that’s very rare