The bottom of Autumn

I love autumn

But I shrink to the bottom

With short days and darks nights

Halloween movies give me a fright

I love pumpkins

Have lots of funkins

Playing in piles of leaves

The other side no one see

Days are short nights are long

So something becomes all too wrong

I don’t want to get out of bed

Rather stay under the covers instead

Start sliding down hill with my depression

Even though I give the impression

Of a perfectly happy fall fanatic

There are some days I ‘ve j just had it

With the cold the wind the rain

Winter’s coming what a pain  





Ghosts and goblins

Adults hobknobin

Haunted house

Take your spouse

Scary movie

Its so groovy

Buy some candy

Its so handy

For trick or treaters at your door

Don’t want to be pranked any more

Ghost stories

Days of glory

You can wear a costume

Hope that it’s a full moon

Hope you find what makes you scream

On this happy Halloween


Ability disability
Never thought I’d have the proclivity
To be stable
If I am able
No more sheesties
No more beasties
Your eyes on this feast these
I am better than my best
Put the hallucinations to rest
It was a med called Prolixin
Which worked on my delusions and fixed ’em
Haven’t had a chance to write
I have been enjoying light
Without the darkness and the fight
I am ready to move on
Now that my sheesties are all gone


Inside My Head

Sometimes I feel like other’s read

All the stuff inside my head

Other times I can’t explain

How I manage to stay sane

Voices filling up my brain

Causing me to writhe with pain

Sometimes it is totally quiet

Sometimes voices start a riot

Other times things seem normal

Could this merely be hormonal?


Hello Hello have you heard?

There’s a site called bipolarworld

It’s for people diagnosed with bipolar to chat

They even take friends and family in fact

Laughter love friendship support

7000 is the port.

So sign into

A welcome from all the chatters’ you’ll get

Get a Job



Get a job get a job

Don’t you dare steal and rob

I have had some of the worst jobs on the ticker

First job I had at 13 was to be a strawberry picker

Second job was detassling  corn

That one didn’t blow my horn

First REAL job was Burger King

Turned out it was not my scene

Finally got a job catering

Now I knew I’d found my thing

Serving the DePauw students and alums

Eating leftovers always fun

Once we got stuck on an elevator with food

We sampled it all  was really good.

Once we went to a haunted chapel

Delivered fritters made of apple

Once I had to serve Dan Quayle

His impression on me was a total fail

Snapped his fingers when he wanted me to come

Spoke to me like I was a right bum.

Finally went into business with my dad

Selling trinkets and festival fads

That’s where I learned the value of entrepreneurship

As my dad let me keep 20% plus tips

Road trip

Road trip

Get a grip

Look at signs to see where you are

Don’t you dare ask how far?

Little puppy in the back

Gotta keep your eyes on track

Having fun in the hotel

Even if it’s not too swell

Getting away from the mundane

Road trips help us all stay sane