Scooby Cubes

Ok so my friend turned me on to a new creative writing prompts called “Rory’s Story Cubes” They are sets of 9 cubes  you roll and they have different pictures on them. Then you interpret the pictures and make a story using them. So I found out they had Scooby ones so I had to get them. Here is my Scooby fan fic.

First I will tell you what I rolled : Scooby Doo, Velma, trunk, fairground, pulley, Alice Duvley ( a villain), Charlie the funhouse robot, laundry chute and mystery machine.

A small disclaimer before I publish

“I do not own Scooby-Doo or any of its characters; they are creations of Hanna-Barbera Productions and the property of Warner Bros Animation. This fanfiction has been created using Rory’s Story Cubes, and is purely for enjoyment, not for profit of any kind.”

One spooky night the Scooby gang was riding in the Mystery Machine to Daphne’s uncle’s fairground, because, as you know Daphne’s family owns everything. The fog was as think as pumpernickel and molasses sandwiches. The van creeped slowly to a fork in the road where two precariously perched signs on loose nails on a log causing them to both to the ground.

The signs read “witch way” and “bat blvdl” As usual, the teens were out alone way past their curfew without so much as a map or GPS to point the way.


“Well gang looks like we’re lost again as sure as I wear an Ascot.” Fed said.

“JInkies only we can be this dumb or unlucky we get lost every week, “ Velma chimed in. :”ok Shaggy flip for it.”


Shaggy grabbed a hunk of Salami and cut a slice off. He started spreading mustard on it saying” Mustard side up we go right mustard side down we go left”

He tossed the meant in the air and  it flipped a couple of times and of course fell into Scooby’s huge tongue and open mouth. Shaggy snickered, “ so what do you taste Scoob ole buddy ol pal?” Scooby licked his lips with his slovenly slippery tongue

. “Rustard” He laughed

“well “, Fred said, “looks like we’re going  right gangl”

Shaggy started shaking “Oh boy I hope it’s not witch way. Is it too late to turn around and go back?”

“No shaggy , we promised my totally rich uncle that we’d help him with the amusement park. Of course with all his money,  the best move was to offer four teenagers and a dog to help for free passes and all you can eat snacks.” Daphne replied

“oh -ho” Shaggy rubbed his hands together. “Witch Way here we come!”

Scooby echoed “ro roy rotten randy and rot rogsl”

As soon as they continued down the lane they began to see a giant ferris wheel silhouette in the moonlight.

“Well looks dark but we made it. Lets make our  way to Uncle  Phineas’ office Daphne ushered the gang.

Uncle Phineas had a white beard, straw hat, and Southern accent not unlike Colonel Sanders. He introduced the gang to his wife, Mrs Miniver and his assistant Alice, a slight, quiet girl who was there for her marketing degree internship. Finally, they met Charlie the Funhouse robot who was programmed  to help out with rides and games.

There was a problem getting the fair off the ground though. As usual, the place was haunted. This time it was witchy-pooh who the wife of the Cherokee Indian Chief  Running Waters. He was buried on the sacred  ground which was disturbed and unearthed during the construction of the fairgrounds. She had been seen the ferris wheel and at the balloon dart game.There was no way uncle Phineas could open the fairgrounds with witchy-pooh around.

“Well, it looks like we have another mystery to solve.” announced Fred.

Of course it was another situation of kids being promised a free, relaxing weekend and being taken advantage of. Private eyes who work for free of course.

The only thing to do was split up and look for clues. As usual, Daphne and Fred went together and Scooby, Shaggy and Velma went together. Shaggy and Scooby went to check out the snack shack and found 50 frankfurters linked end to end. They each grabbed a jar of mustard and  started at opposite ends until they met in the middle.  While they were bingeing, Velma went to check out the library in the Haunted Mansion. SHe found a slip of paper in the Hall of Presidents log book that read “THe key is in the mausoleum below.

“JInkies, a Clue!”

She went to find Shaggy and Scooby who had inevitably been running from witchie-poo with her green clammy skin, yellow teeth and horrible breath. They were hiding in the bottom of the dunk tank when she caught up to them.

“What are you two doing?” she asked

They were huddled together shaking in the corner.

It’s www witchie-poo Shaggy stammered.

Suddenly a horrible smell of death and decay filtered through the air followed by the sound of a sinister cackle. “RUN!” The three of them took off like a bat out of hell to the gingerbread funhouse where they decided to look for clues. They were using candles to light the way went to a T in the  hallway when Scooby spoke up.


:”like what is it scoob?” Shaggy asked

“Rood I smell Rood!”

He sniffed until he came to a small refrigerator. He opened it and inside were a ham shank, fruits, veggies and all the fixin’s for a super Shaggy Salami sandwich.

“Oh boy oh boy!”
Shaggy started helping him relieve the refrigerator of its contents.

Velma interrupted “How can you two think of your stomachs at a time like this? I wonder why all this food is in here.?”

“Like maybe they knew we were hungry” replied Shaggy

“Well something mysterious is certainly going on.” Velma commented.

Suddenly there was a shrill cackle from behind the refrigerator door peered a green face and came a smell worse than Shaggy’s day old peanut butter and salami sandwiches. They all took off in different directions and the usual montage of 70’s music, running in and out-of-doors and hilarity ensued. Finally, they caught up at the edge of the gingerbread house where there were two tunnels.

“Like which way should we go ? we have no salami to flip ?” Shaggy asked

Velma mused “I wonder where these lead? Shaggy and Scooby take the left tunnel and I’ll take the right one.”

Shaggy and Scooby crept slowly into the tunnel.
“We need some light Scooby!”

Scooby pointed to the wall “Rook a Rorch!”

Shaggy grabbed the torch and lit it with the Malt Shop matchbook he had in his pocket. Suddenly a bevy of bats flew in their face. They put their arms in front of their faces and ducked down.

“Like I think we found bat Blvd” SHaggy quipped.

“Rat Rlvd” Scooby snickered.

Back in the other tunnel Velma was faring much better. She was staring at the pile of shovels, pickaxes and other digging supplies. From a distance came a voice

“Strange, I wonder what those are doing here?”

Velma perked up. It was Daphne

“Fred, Daphne it’s good to see you. Where have you been?”, Velma called.

Fred recounted that, as usual, he and Daphne had seen or done nothing of consequence. Suddenly out of the left side of the tunnel Shaggy and Scooby came running into the rest of the gang knocking them all askew.

“Like it’s that smelly witchie-poo coming this way.” Shaggy stammered.

“Reah really,” Scooby agreed

Fred piped in “I think it’s time to set a trap. Shaggy and Scooby you be the bait. Lure Witchie-pooh to the slide where the net will be. Velma, you slide down the slide triggering the rope on the pulley which will release the net. Daphne you tighten the rope around the net and viola instant Witchiepoo .Ok places everyone Velma, the slide is at the back of the gingerbread house.

Shaggy and scooby put bear costumes on  and went in search of witchiepoo.

They found her in the other tunnel and began taunting her.

“hey , witchie breath.! This way you green with envy entity.”

Scooby stuck his fingers in his ears and stuck his tongue out.

“Like here she comes scoob ol pall” shaggy said while grasping for breath.

They started running to the slide but, witchiepoo made a move toward the slide which knocked into Velma and made her lose her glasses.

“Oh no I can’t find my glasses!” she groped around in the darkness .She saw some stairs and began to climb up. “This must be the slide.” She reached up for the rope and accidentally began to slide down before she could grab the rope. “Where’s the rope?” :suddenly a omnipoment voice came over the PA and announced “as loog as Velma loses her glasses you can count on Geico saving  you 15% or more on car insurance.”

Uhoh, Fred called as he pointed his finger. Velma’s gone down the laundry chute. Now what do we do?”

“Look!” cried Daphne “It’s Scooby!”

Scooby got his tail stuck in the rope causing the net to spring and trap him and witchiepoo together. Everyone cheered. Fred stepped up “its time to unmask this bad-breath bimbo once and for all. Fred ripped off the mask.

“It’s Alice the marketing assistant.! “ the game chorused.

Velma got her spare pair of glasses from Shaggy and began her explanation. “Alice was looking for buried treasure. I found this note about the key when I was searching in the library. She was searching for the lost Indian treasure buried with  the Cherokee Chief. Then Scooby found food in the  gingerbread house for when Alice snuck down to sustain her digging efforts, including garlic salami.”

“Like that’s why she has dragon’s breath,” Shaggy added

Scooby snickered “reah ragon reath.”

Velma continued “ the final clue was the digging equipment. There isn’t any construction scheduled for the gingerbread house.”

“So she was using witchie-pooh as a way to scare everyone else while she looked for treasure,: Daphne pointed out.

“yes “ agreed Velma “she even had Charlie the funhouse robot down here digging.” She pointed she pointed to robot-shaped boot tracks in the mud.

“But what happened to the treasure?” Daphne mused.

Suddenly Scooby stepped to the side and hit a lever and fell down one of the holes.

“Like you ok down there Scoob? “ Shaggy called

“Scooby called up I round it. I round the rest”

The gang helped Scooby grab the trunk out and haul it up.

“And now to see the real treasure of the Cherokee,” Fred said ceremoniously.

They opened the latch and it was filled and it was filled with sugar skulls, a long time Day of the Dead tradition Shaggy began eating them

“Scooby like you sure find some yummy treasure.” Shaggy said through his chipmunks cheeks”

Scooby licked his lips and said “rooby rooy roo.”







The Chase

Looking back it could have gone either way. It didn’t work out, which makes it look like fate, or a stupid decision, or both. But at the time I did have a few things in my favor I had…

I had gotten out with the wind turbine. It was strong enough to hold off the Secret Service which allowed us a head start. We were riding in John’s “baby” a 1964 1/2 Mustang. There were only 12 on the road and John inherited it from his dad who won it in a poker game. I never understood why they didn’t sell it for the cash. The good news was it was fast enough to out run any car the government could throw it. The down side  was driving in a Candy Apple Red with silver chrome classic machine with the license plates “snap it” was more than a tad bit conspicuous. Well I thought, at least we can at least use it as collateral if we go to jail. Then again maybe we won’t go to jail maybe we’ll undergo some secret, ancient, Chinese dry drowning torture at Guantanamo  bay. Well we couldn’t go home so we drove straight to my best friend Lucy’s. We had to change clothes, ditch the car and figure out what the hell to do next. Just as we pulled into Lucy’s drive, I could hear the sound of choppers overhead.

The Turbine

The yellow lines on the highway sped by in a blur, and we flew through the night, and we felt free. But we weren’t, and we knew it.  We were running away from something, and running away was never the path to freedom. I thought about telling John to turn back. I thought of suggesting…


We turn ourselves in. I can’t believe our model turbine was so strong. I can’t believe it did THAT! It was John’s idea. He thought if we could use a model turbine to show the effectiveness of wind power and how clean and quiet it is. I thought this way we could directly confront him about pulling the research funding for the government clean energy program.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Who knew we’d get front row seats?  Little did we know the mini turbine would have so much power? We just turned it on and it all happened so fast. First the corner came up flapping in the wind, then before we could hit the switch; the President’s toupee came flying off. The secret service closed in on us but we held the turbine enough to blow them back and high-tail it out of there.



Reporters are trained to develop a sixth-sense, a nose for when stories felt fishy. And something about this wasn’t right. First of all…

It was snowing in Africa.  She snows of Mt Kilimanjaro were green with warmer temperatures. In Indiana It was unseasonably warm, with temperatures in the 50s or 60s everyone commented on how “nice” the weather was. Few seemed appropriately upset or concerned

And there were the government factions who were claiming global climate change (gcc) was a farce something made up by Communist China to cause fear and unrest in the Western world. Despite all the scientific warnings and evidence, like why did Indiana not get a snowflake till December 24?

But more than the weather was a switch in attitude from the government Did they no longer care? That’s what this reporter aims to find out that’s why my camera man, John< and I are visiting the White House Press Club. That’s what we are going to get to the bottom off…

Winter Weather

The wind whispered through the dark empty trees like a warning in a foreign language. Winter was coming and with winter…

Came mood swings. First, there was Christmas my favorite holiday. I listened to Christmas music starting November 1st, put the tree up and light it every day from the day after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas movies and spend Christmas day watching the old classics. I really have a big expectation because every year as Christmas starts to wind down; I fall into a deep depression.

I despair that all the fun is gone and its dark all of the time. The last two new years’ eves I have spent in the mental wellness ward. This year I am trying to keep perspective. My friend got me a seasonal affective disorder lamp that mimics sunlight.

So far there are no frigid temps or cold just the gloomy skies and relentless darkness. You would think I’d welcome the warmer weather, but it comes at a price. The core temperature of the Earth is increasing and weather patterns are starting to invert   (snow in Texas warm temps in Indiana). So now I have nothing to worry about except the end of the world.

The Session

“How did you know?” I asked not sure I wanted the answer. I thought I had been careful. I thought her…



Wouldn’t be able to see though the façade I put up each day. After just a few sessions with this therapist the walls were starting to crumble.

“I am not a compulsive liar,” I said emphatically.

“Why do you assume I think you’re lying?” she asked.

“Everyone does,” I replied. “They think I am making tins stuff up but it just keeps happening to me.”

“Like what stuff?” she asked “Like the drugs?”

I shifted in my seat and lowered my head. “That was a mistake,” I mumbled inaudibly

“You said you were selling cocaine? You said it was hidden in the register?  It says here you did it because you wanted more attention?” she interrogated

“That’s what it says,” I echoed back

Her eyes bored into me. “I think it was because you believed it to be true”

I blinked and then broke down sobbing. “It’s seems so real” I said between crying spells “it’s not just the drugs its lots of thing” She comforted me and as I asked” What’s wrong with me?”

Well she said softly it appears you are having delusions.


The Fantasy

I’ve lived in the same town my whole life, and most of the time that’s fine with me. But in the late fall when the sky fills with birds migrating south for the winter, traveling thousands of miles, I get homesick for places I’ve never been. Places like…

I read about in books. Having high levels of stress even as a child, I often used books and fantasy as a coping mechanism for the harsh realities of life

I wandered with Gandalf through the Elven lands of Elron and Rivendell.  I played and frolicked with Frodo and Sam in the shire. I went 20,000 leagues under the sea with Jules Verne and shopped for school books with Harry, Ron and Hermione at DIagon Alley

This is one reason the motor coach trip meant so much to me a chance to visit the land of my childhood fantasies would bridge the gap between fantasy and reality that had plagued me my whole life.

There was a secret though; one I thought no one knew. Sometimes I became delusional and blurred the real life and fantasy. Sometimes I didn’t know which was which …