spring snow

No one seems to know
Why we’re getting snow
It’s an usual thing
To have snow in spring
We’re having a snow bender
After the end of winter
Nor”Easers on the coast
I don’t mean to boast
But we’ve had less than most
We’ve had a major shift
Spring snow drift
Winter’s temps lift
To fifty or sixty degrees
With an artic breeze
Now with gloobal warming
All the birds are swarming
Singing songs too soon
They’re migration patterns ruined
Budding flowers are pruned
And killing tree buds
This snow is a real dud



I have schizophrenia

I don’t know how many of you

Suffer the same fate

With t a schizo trait.

you have to test what is true

With a friend or someone who loves you

Is that something  you saw?
Or just another flaw

Reality testing is hard

When there is no one in the cards

To help guide you

To what is true

Sometimes I make a list though

Of what is real and what’s schizo



writer’s block

Tick tock

Writer’s block

Stare at the page

Watch the clock

With such rage

I think this is the final stage

Will I be able to write?
It’s not in the stars tonight

Another blank page again

Writer’s block has won the fight

I put the page away and then

I haven’t written since who knows when


Apgar the Sultan

I rolled the Scooby dice again.

I got a mummy, key, snake ring, street signs, someone dancing/holding up umbrellas, people sweeping/pulling a lever, hallway with doors, skull island Here is the story that ensued. warning this is political.

Once upon a time in a kingdom called skull island, there was a young king named Rex angujis (snake king). He got that name from the serpent ring he wore upon his finger for it was an heirloom passed down from generation to generation. The king was loved by the people. He made sure everyone had health care and could afford medicine. Jobs were plentiful and no one was ever left behind or unwanted. The children’s and college students could all go to school for free and  every  pauper was happy but the rich people were unhappy. They had to pay more taxes for programs to benefit the needy and they didn’t like that one bit.

So the council of elders got together and decide it was time for a change. Since Rex was so young and liberal, they decided to try electing a sultan to oversee things. There was Sultan Alexa she was the Queen and wife to the previous king. She wanted to continue the university and health insurance programs had enabled. Then there was Sultan Abgar. Abgar wanted to take away the university and health insurance bills for the common people  Abgar wanted to make it so the rich could use skull island and its assets to buy more stock in the form of bonds. He also wanted to build a wall around skull island to make it harder for any immigrants to come in.


Abgar scared the people by using propaganda saying that Rex’s programs were socialist and therefore linked to communism. In reality there is no link between socialism and communism and socialized health care and education can benefit the masses. He also got aid from the neighboring frenemy broken mountain.  They spread bad news about Rex and Alexa. They were a socialist country so Abgar kept his dealings with them secret. Abgar said they were the key to the election.

Most of the common people were sure Alexa would win the election, but when it came down to numbers Abgar had so much influence both legal and illegally he was able to convince many of the under-educated commoners to go to his side. He also got most of the rich islanders on his side as well and it was just too much for Alexa to catch up.

Soon after Abgar took his post as sultan things started to go array.Abgar advised Rex with laws and projects that were the exact opposite of what Rex believed and the people wanted. He began to fire all of Rex’s other advisors and replaced them the with people who followed his politics. As a result nothing was getting done and the negotiations between Apgar and Rex were at a stand-still. He began to take away all the programs that helped the environment in Skull Island. Soon there were horrible hurricanes, and blizzards with winds so high people couldn’t even hold onto their umbrellas. Abgar had convinced the people  there was no global climate change it was just a scam perpetrated by the country of Redding the Communist supporter of Skull island. Abgar dug into the cave of skull island trying to build the wall around skull island. .Despite warnings from Rex, Abgar started digging in the sacred chamber. Legend told of an ancient mummy in the hall with 100 doors. Abgar secretly employed children and the working poor in the mines where they would put bootie in the mining cars under the island and push lever it to the service to be sold to bad mountain and redding for repurposing. Finally after pilfering all the tunnels and doors, Abgar came to a street sign that indicates the location of the mummy . Abgar paid it no mind and ordered continued digging. They hit the mummy in the last tunnel just where the signs indicated. Rex pleaded to let the mummy rest but Abgar wanted to unearth it and perform chemical tests.

As soon as the first shovel hit the sacarphagus the light appeared from the broken seal. Then the tomb started to shake and the lid slid off. The workers all moved back as the first bandaged hand came up out of the casket. The mummy’s curse was said to bring ruin to anyone who dared disturbed him but the workers who dug him out were already so disenfranchised there was nothing He could do to him. So soon he started going after Apgar and Rex. FIrst, he took the  brainwashing that Abgar had put over the disenfranchised. He showed them how the new tax laws would make the royal court richer while cutting down the refund amount that the paupers received. He showed them how without Rex’s insurance plan many of them had the emergency room as an only option proving more dangerous and costing more than the socialized health care. He turned of over documents showing that Broken Mountain sabotaged the election.

Now that the mummy had unleashed his curse, people regretted letting Abgar take over. They didn’t want more taxes on a wall to keep foreigners especially since Broken Mountain was behind the whole thing. They wanted to overthrow apgar but it was too late. Apgar had so much power he just surrounded himself with only those who would agree with him, or be subject to his will. He fired anyone who dared oppose or expose him and sent them away Apgar was smug until Rex raised his serpeant ring and commanded the mummy to go back underground. He addressed the people and many of them wanted to change sultans and so a special election was held. Rex fully supported Alexa and she won. Skull island was happy again because the mummy may have cursed Abgar but it was Abgar who cursed the people and brainwashed them.




Got a cost of living adjustment
But they deducted food stamps from it
It’s so hard to get ahead
Trying to buy food and meds
Every time you get a break
Someone else is on the take
Waiting to hear from SSA
Hoping upon hope every day
Soon something’s gotta give
Or I can’t afford to live

Super-Hero Challenge

Using the Rory’s story cubes I took the superhero challenge. Roll 3 dice and use those to develop the super powers (I rolled a star (fame), a worried face and a kick. Roll 9 dice for the superhero back story. ( I rolled an arrow, a mask, a sheep, a flower, a rainbow/cloud, a brick layer, someone reading and someone knocking over a vial.) and roll 9 dice for the villain (I rolled fame/star, arrow (directional), beetle, apple, someone counting money, a bouncing ball, a flame, a house and someone with their hands over their ears,)

Once upon a time, there in a ramshackle  shack in Tijuana a little girl was born. Her name was Maria Santiago and she didn’t know it yet, but she was going to be very special. Her father wanted more for her than he could give in his life in the little shack. So when she was a toddler, Miguel her father took her to the border and snuck in. He found a job as a bricklayer and was soon able to secure a home for Maria. When Maria was around seven or eight, she started to get very emotional. The school counselor recommended that Maria see a therapist. Unfortunately,  since Miguel’s job was under the table, he had no insurance and therefore couldn’t afford a therapist for Maria. Miguel tried his best to talk with his daughter and let her know she could tell him anything she wanted. In the meantime, Miguel managed to squirrel away some from every check until he could afford the therapist.

By this time Maria was almost 11 and strange things were beginning to happen. When Maria was sad, she would cry giant tears enough to fill the lakes and rivers and the highest seas. When she became worried she shot out of her hands a great wind that could tear down trees and power lines, and when she was happy, everyone loved and adored her and she was treated like a celebrity. The therapist tried to work with Maria on controlling her emotions and suggested that Maria be put on meds for her symptoms. Once again, Miguel scraped and saved and soon Maria was on antipsychotics and antidepressants to help try to stabilize her moods.

Maria didn’t like the medicine. It slowed the rain, wind, and fame but it made Maria feel kind of hollow and empty inside. She especially missed the fame which made her have high self-esteem and pleasant emotions. Maria asked if there was a  different medicine she could try but her Psychiatrist and therapist assured her that these medicines were the best. By this age Maria had taken her own under the table job as a sheep herder. She would talk to the sheep and was sure they could answer back. This however was dismissed by her medical team as an “overactive imagination.”

Finally, one day she asked where do these medicines come from that make me so numb? Her psychiatrist said they come from  farmacéutico capitalista  (farma) for short. Farma was a huge beast that fed on greed and weakness. No one knew who actually ran farma they lived in big houses and wore masks. They made all the medicines that people needed (and some they didn’) and were in charge of the formulas, prices and distribution. How can it be Maria wondered how such a giant beast could go free without anyone there to stop it? She decided to try to research farma and see what she could find. She started at her local pharmacist and found that they were just drones and Mignons who counted and pushed pills with no real understanding of the medical ramifications. Then she went to visit a lab and what she saw horrified her. There was a lab technician who had a bottle of special rainbow,flower juice that could likely kill AIDS. The senior farma told him to destroy the vile because the medicine wouldn’t be “cost effective” Maria was incensed she began to worry about her own meds which made the wind start-up. She hid behind the beam of the door frame as the wind started to swirl around her knocking bottles and formulas askew.  Farma, unprepared for that attack was suffering a significant blow but Maria knew she had better high-tail it out of there before she was caught. So she ran home to her room without explaining any of it to her dad. She began to take farma head on but it would be no small chore because they were such a huge beast. They had a head in insurance, a head in politics, a head in the medical profession and a head in the media Whenever Maria heard the farma commercials a big high-pitched sound went through her ears which was excruciating to the point of being unbearable. Maria could no longer afford farma’s meds because they had put out a new Patton which raised the price of her meds to hundreds of dollars. She vowed to bring farma down. From then on she was known as  Muchos humores (Many Moods). Her three alter egos were   siempre preocupado (always worried), deprimido diariamente (depressed daily) and Mayoria maniaco (mostly manic).

Muchos tried to expose the corruption within farma with all her powers. When she was manic and famous, she would go on television shows and talk about how farma was a dangerous villain but farma supported the media and pointed the arrow of blame in many directions so this made it harder and harder to get the message out. She cried tears that flooded farma’s holdings in Texas, Louisiana and Florida and brought hurricane force winds to the area. She froze her tears to make blizzards of whole Midwest and Northeast and brought winds to the west to feed the fire.She found it was all too easy to change the weather patterns because farma had polluted the air and water so much that the global climate change was in progress.  Soon muchos realized she was only hurting her own people because farma was raising the prices to meet the higher demand.

Muchos realized she couldn’t’ defeat farma alone without hurting the people she was actually fighting for so she decided to rally the troops. She began going to meetings at the National Alliance for Mental Health and Depression Bipolar Support Alliance where she met many other Muchos humores both male and female. They didn’t quite have super powers like much but they also shifted moods and took meds from farma that made them feel dull or couldn’t afford the medicines and had to deal with the swings and unpredictability. Muchos used her fame to unite the humores in common cause against farma. She became so famous a group called the American Association of Retired Peoples reached out to her. They too were being bullied by farma by making meds whose side effects caused the need for other meds, charging retirees and the elderly by means of the medicare donut hole and putting the elderly in positions to where they had to decide to live without food or meds. Muchos spoke with all her followers and united them in common cause against farma. She organized pickets and rallies and gave people information about making farma give them free medicine through their website. Through this program farma acted as a philanthropist to cover up all its evil scams and deeds. Muchos said to her followers exploit them at their own game but be careful what you take. She worked to put out books and pamphlets about the side effects of various meds and any pending lawsuits. She educated people on how to talk to their doctors and find out what the meds do and side effects.


Then one day muchos and her followers got a grave blow. Donald Trump won the election. He and his party threatened to undo the Affordable Health Care Act. Muchos was so upset she accidentally made hurricane Harvey and Irene to cripple med production in the South. She caused a big blow to farma but an even bigger blow to her followers. She wondered if she could afford the meds from farma could the hurricanes have been prevented?
Muchos returned to her home in Tijuana where she found shaman were very astute in calming down muchos humores with an apple infused with beetle juice. She tried it and she no longer needed to use her super powers but she could access them if she needed to. It was the perfect balance. Once she returned to the States she tried to tell farma what she had found out. A med which no longer made her feel like a bouncing ball. Farma refused to listen. They told her it would take years of testing and because of the cost of testing if they did make the drug it would cost “thousands upon thousands”. Muchos began to worry and whipped up winds in Indiana causing major damage to the Eli Lilly research company. Of course Farma just raised the prices to cover the damage. .

Muchos  didn’t lose heart she vowed to fight farma to the death. They may have just won the battle but she would win the war!



Scooby Cubes

Ok so my friend turned me on to a new creative writing prompts called “Rory’s Story Cubes” They are sets of 9 cubes  you roll and they have different pictures on them. Then you interpret the pictures and make a story using them. So I found out they had Scooby ones so I had to get them. Here is my Scooby fan fic.

First I will tell you what I rolled : Scooby Doo, Velma, trunk, fairground, pulley, Alice Duvley ( a villain), Charlie the funhouse robot, laundry chute and mystery machine.

A small disclaimer before I publish

“I do not own Scooby-Doo or any of its characters; they are creations of Hanna-Barbera Productions and the property of Warner Bros Animation. This fanfiction has been created using Rory’s Story Cubes, and is purely for enjoyment, not for profit of any kind.”

One spooky night the Scooby gang was riding in the Mystery Machine to Daphne’s uncle’s fairground, because, as you know Daphne’s family owns everything. The fog was as think as pumpernickel and molasses sandwiches. The van creeped slowly to a fork in the road where two precariously perched signs on loose nails on a log causing them to both to the ground.

The signs read “witch way” and “bat blvdl” As usual, the teens were out alone way past their curfew without so much as a map or GPS to point the way.


“Well gang looks like we’re lost again as sure as I wear an Ascot.” Fed said.

“JInkies only we can be this dumb or unlucky we get lost every week, “ Velma chimed in. :”ok Shaggy flip for it.”


Shaggy grabbed a hunk of Salami and cut a slice off. He started spreading mustard on it saying” Mustard side up we go right mustard side down we go left”

He tossed the meant in the air and  it flipped a couple of times and of course fell into Scooby’s huge tongue and open mouth. Shaggy snickered, “ so what do you taste Scoob ole buddy ol pal?” Scooby licked his lips with his slovenly slippery tongue

. “Rustard” He laughed

“well “, Fred said, “looks like we’re going  right gangl”

Shaggy started shaking “Oh boy I hope it’s not witch way. Is it too late to turn around and go back?”

“No shaggy , we promised my totally rich uncle that we’d help him with the amusement park. Of course with all his money,  the best move was to offer four teenagers and a dog to help for free passes and all you can eat snacks.” Daphne replied

“oh -ho” Shaggy rubbed his hands together. “Witch Way here we come!”

Scooby echoed “ro roy rotten randy and rot rogsl”

As soon as they continued down the lane they began to see a giant ferris wheel silhouette in the moonlight.

“Well looks dark but we made it. Lets make our  way to Uncle  Phineas’ office Daphne ushered the gang.

Uncle Phineas had a white beard, straw hat, and Southern accent not unlike Colonel Sanders. He introduced the gang to his wife, Mrs Miniver and his assistant Alice, a slight, quiet girl who was there for her marketing degree internship. Finally, they met Charlie the Funhouse robot who was programmed  to help out with rides and games.

There was a problem getting the fair off the ground though. As usual, the place was haunted. This time it was witchy-pooh who the wife of the Cherokee Indian Chief  Running Waters. He was buried on the sacred  ground which was disturbed and unearthed during the construction of the fairgrounds. She had been seen the ferris wheel and at the balloon dart game.There was no way uncle Phineas could open the fairgrounds with witchy-pooh around.

“Well, it looks like we have another mystery to solve.” announced Fred.

Of course it was another situation of kids being promised a free, relaxing weekend and being taken advantage of. Private eyes who work for free of course.

The only thing to do was split up and look for clues. As usual, Daphne and Fred went together and Scooby, Shaggy and Velma went together. Shaggy and Scooby went to check out the snack shack and found 50 frankfurters linked end to end. They each grabbed a jar of mustard and  started at opposite ends until they met in the middle.  While they were bingeing, Velma went to check out the library in the Haunted Mansion. SHe found a slip of paper in the Hall of Presidents log book that read “THe key is in the mausoleum below.

“JInkies, a Clue!”

She went to find Shaggy and Scooby who had inevitably been running from witchie-poo with her green clammy skin, yellow teeth and horrible breath. They were hiding in the bottom of the dunk tank when she caught up to them.

“What are you two doing?” she asked

They were huddled together shaking in the corner.

It’s www witchie-poo Shaggy stammered.

Suddenly a horrible smell of death and decay filtered through the air followed by the sound of a sinister cackle. “RUN!” The three of them took off like a bat out of hell to the gingerbread funhouse where they decided to look for clues. They were using candles to light the way went to a T in the  hallway when Scooby spoke up.


:”like what is it scoob?” Shaggy asked

“Rood I smell Rood!”

He sniffed until he came to a small refrigerator. He opened it and inside were a ham shank, fruits, veggies and all the fixin’s for a super Shaggy Salami sandwich.

“Oh boy oh boy!”
Shaggy started helping him relieve the refrigerator of its contents.

Velma interrupted “How can you two think of your stomachs at a time like this? I wonder why all this food is in here.?”

“Like maybe they knew we were hungry” replied Shaggy

“Well something mysterious is certainly going on.” Velma commented.

Suddenly there was a shrill cackle from behind the refrigerator door peered a green face and came a smell worse than Shaggy’s day old peanut butter and salami sandwiches. They all took off in different directions and the usual montage of 70’s music, running in and out-of-doors and hilarity ensued. Finally, they caught up at the edge of the gingerbread house where there were two tunnels.

“Like which way should we go ? we have no salami to flip ?” Shaggy asked

Velma mused “I wonder where these lead? Shaggy and Scooby take the left tunnel and I’ll take the right one.”

Shaggy and Scooby crept slowly into the tunnel.
“We need some light Scooby!”

Scooby pointed to the wall “Rook a Rorch!”

Shaggy grabbed the torch and lit it with the Malt Shop matchbook he had in his pocket. Suddenly a bevy of bats flew in their face. They put their arms in front of their faces and ducked down.

“Like I think we found bat Blvd” SHaggy quipped.

“Rat Rlvd” Scooby snickered.

Back in the other tunnel Velma was faring much better. She was staring at the pile of shovels, pickaxes and other digging supplies. From a distance came a voice

“Strange, I wonder what those are doing here?”

Velma perked up. It was Daphne

“Fred, Daphne it’s good to see you. Where have you been?”, Velma called.

Fred recounted that, as usual, he and Daphne had seen or done nothing of consequence. Suddenly out of the left side of the tunnel Shaggy and Scooby came running into the rest of the gang knocking them all askew.

“Like it’s that smelly witchie-poo coming this way.” Shaggy stammered.

“Reah really,” Scooby agreed

Fred piped in “I think it’s time to set a trap. Shaggy and Scooby you be the bait. Lure Witchie-pooh to the slide where the net will be. Velma, you slide down the slide triggering the rope on the pulley which will release the net. Daphne you tighten the rope around the net and viola instant Witchiepoo .Ok places everyone Velma, the slide is at the back of the gingerbread house.

Shaggy and scooby put bear costumes on  and went in search of witchiepoo.

They found her in the other tunnel and began taunting her.

“hey , witchie breath.! This way you green with envy entity.”

Scooby stuck his fingers in his ears and stuck his tongue out.

“Like here she comes scoob ol pall” shaggy said while grasping for breath.

They started running to the slide but, witchiepoo made a move toward the slide which knocked into Velma and made her lose her glasses.

“Oh no I can’t find my glasses!” she groped around in the darkness .She saw some stairs and began to climb up. “This must be the slide.” She reached up for the rope and accidentally began to slide down before she could grab the rope. “Where’s the rope?” :suddenly a omnipoment voice came over the PA and announced “as loog as Velma loses her glasses you can count on Geico saving  you 15% or more on car insurance.”

Uhoh, Fred called as he pointed his finger. Velma’s gone down the laundry chute. Now what do we do?”

“Look!” cried Daphne “It’s Scooby!”

Scooby got his tail stuck in the rope causing the net to spring and trap him and witchiepoo together. Everyone cheered. Fred stepped up “its time to unmask this bad-breath bimbo once and for all. Fred ripped off the mask.

“It’s Alice the marketing assistant.! “ the game chorused.

Velma got her spare pair of glasses from Shaggy and began her explanation. “Alice was looking for buried treasure. I found this note about the key when I was searching in the library. She was searching for the lost Indian treasure buried with  the Cherokee Chief. Then Scooby found food in the  gingerbread house for when Alice snuck down to sustain her digging efforts, including garlic salami.”

“Like that’s why she has dragon’s breath,” Shaggy added

Scooby snickered “reah ragon reath.”

Velma continued “ the final clue was the digging equipment. There isn’t any construction scheduled for the gingerbread house.”

“So she was using witchie-pooh as a way to scare everyone else while she looked for treasure,: Daphne pointed out.

“yes “ agreed Velma “she even had Charlie the funhouse robot down here digging.” She pointed she pointed to robot-shaped boot tracks in the mud.

“But what happened to the treasure?” Daphne mused.

Suddenly Scooby stepped to the side and hit a lever and fell down one of the holes.

“Like you ok down there Scoob? “ Shaggy called

“Scooby called up I round it. I round the rest”

The gang helped Scooby grab the trunk out and haul it up.

“And now to see the real treasure of the Cherokee,” Fred said ceremoniously.

They opened the latch and it was filled and it was filled with sugar skulls, a long time Day of the Dead tradition Shaggy began eating them

“Scooby like you sure find some yummy treasure.” Shaggy said through his chipmunks cheeks”

Scooby licked his lips and said “rooby rooy roo.”