Not to mention

Can’t pay attention

poor retention

bad thoughts

hurts lots

feeling like a robot

no escape

mind rape

feeling like a squished grape

down low

can’t go

anywhere but up





Writer’s Block

Can’t write can’t write

Gotta fight

These demons inside me

Who say that I can’t be

The great writer I want to be

The one I know is hidden inside me

Peel back the layers of flesh

Let my mind get some fresh

You’ll see
I can kick rhymes as well as anybody

Don’t stop don’t stop now

I’m on a roll I don’t know how

Put pen to paper and the words just flow

Silences those voices that are telling me no

Now if just let my mind roam

Maybe I’ll come up with another poem



Ode to Pickles

Ode to pickles

You make my salivary glands trickle

So crisp and cool

And crunchy too

Just the right amount of tart

I had to start

Buying them in bulk

Really it’s no joke

I love to drink the juice

Put it too good use

They’re zero calories

So I don’t see why we

Don’t eat pickles everyday

They’re made in the USA





Anxiety can cripple you like a wounded soldier

The problems on the horizon only grow bolder

Anxiety is my worst fear

Takes away all that I hold dear

Anxiety affects my concentration

Please give me some emancipation

To be free from worry, trek and tide

Everyday more confident in stride

To one day stand tall

Without any anxiety at all



I am excited that spring has sprung here

Naturally Excited today

Our squirrels are active our birds sing cheer

Branches blossoming in every way

Rain down water from the heavenly skies

Of sunshine and rainbows I never grow tire

Tornadoes abound on here weather wise

My hope that winter had long expired

Stupid Groundhog saw his shadow poor sap

We’ve had cold days and we’ve had hot ones too

Never know there’s truth in the weather map

I want to see bunnies and birds born new

Too bad there is still snow on the ground

I am looking for spring but it’s not found