Apgar the Sultan

I rolled the Scooby dice again.

I got a mummy, key, snake ring, street signs, someone dancing/holding up umbrellas, people sweeping/pulling a lever, hallway with doors, skull island Here is the story that ensued. warning this is political.

Once upon a time in a kingdom called skull island, there was a young king named Rex angujis (snake king). He got that name from the serpent ring he wore upon his finger for it was an heirloom passed down from generation to generation. The king was loved by the people. He made sure everyone had health care and could afford medicine. Jobs were plentiful and no one was ever left behind or unwanted. The children’s and college students could all go to school for free and  every  pauper was happy but the rich people were unhappy. They had to pay more taxes for programs to benefit the needy and they didn’t like that one bit.

So the council of elders got together and decide it was time for a change. Since Rex was so young and liberal, they decided to try electing a sultan to oversee things. There was Sultan Alexa she was the Queen and wife to the previous king. She wanted to continue the university and health insurance programs had enabled. Then there was Sultan Abgar. Abgar wanted to take away the university and health insurance bills for the common people  Abgar wanted to make it so the rich could use skull island and its assets to buy more stock in the form of bonds. He also wanted to build a wall around skull island to make it harder for any immigrants to come in.


Abgar scared the people by using propaganda saying that Rex’s programs were socialist and therefore linked to communism. In reality there is no link between socialism and communism and socialized health care and education can benefit the masses. He also got aid from the neighboring frenemy broken mountain.  They spread bad news about Rex and Alexa. They were a socialist country so Abgar kept his dealings with them secret. Abgar said they were the key to the election.

Most of the common people were sure Alexa would win the election, but when it came down to numbers Abgar had so much influence both legal and illegally he was able to convince many of the under-educated commoners to go to his side. He also got most of the rich islanders on his side as well and it was just too much for Alexa to catch up.

Soon after Abgar took his post as sultan things started to go array.Abgar advised Rex with laws and projects that were the exact opposite of what Rex believed and the people wanted. He began to fire all of Rex’s other advisors and replaced them the with people who followed his politics. As a result nothing was getting done and the negotiations between Apgar and Rex were at a stand-still. He began to take away all the programs that helped the environment in Skull Island. Soon there were horrible hurricanes, and blizzards with winds so high people couldn’t even hold onto their umbrellas. Abgar had convinced the people  there was no global climate change it was just a scam perpetrated by the country of Redding the Communist supporter of Skull island. Abgar dug into the cave of skull island trying to build the wall around skull island. .Despite warnings from Rex, Abgar started digging in the sacred chamber. Legend told of an ancient mummy in the hall with 100 doors. Abgar secretly employed children and the working poor in the mines where they would put bootie in the mining cars under the island and push lever it to the service to be sold to bad mountain and redding for repurposing. Finally after pilfering all the tunnels and doors, Abgar came to a street sign that indicates the location of the mummy . Abgar paid it no mind and ordered continued digging. They hit the mummy in the last tunnel just where the signs indicated. Rex pleaded to let the mummy rest but Abgar wanted to unearth it and perform chemical tests.

As soon as the first shovel hit the sacarphagus the light appeared from the broken seal. Then the tomb started to shake and the lid slid off. The workers all moved back as the first bandaged hand came up out of the casket. The mummy’s curse was said to bring ruin to anyone who dared disturbed him but the workers who dug him out were already so disenfranchised there was nothing He could do to him. So soon he started going after Apgar and Rex. FIrst, he took the  brainwashing that Abgar had put over the disenfranchised. He showed them how the new tax laws would make the royal court richer while cutting down the refund amount that the paupers received. He showed them how without Rex’s insurance plan many of them had the emergency room as an only option proving more dangerous and costing more than the socialized health care. He turned of over documents showing that Broken Mountain sabotaged the election.

Now that the mummy had unleashed his curse, people regretted letting Abgar take over. They didn’t want more taxes on a wall to keep foreigners especially since Broken Mountain was behind the whole thing. They wanted to overthrow apgar but it was too late. Apgar had so much power he just surrounded himself with only those who would agree with him, or be subject to his will. He fired anyone who dared oppose or expose him and sent them away Apgar was smug until Rex raised his serpeant ring and commanded the mummy to go back underground. He addressed the people and many of them wanted to change sultans and so a special election was held. Rex fully supported Alexa and she won. Skull island was happy again because the mummy may have cursed Abgar but it was Abgar who cursed the people and brainwashed them.





Got a cost of living adjustment
But they deducted food stamps from it
It’s so hard to get ahead
Trying to buy food and meds
Every time you get a break
Someone else is on the take
Waiting to hear from SSA
Hoping upon hope every day
Soon something’s gotta give
Or I can’t afford to live

The Turbine

The yellow lines on the highway sped by in a blur, and we flew through the night, and we felt free. But we weren’t, and we knew it.  We were running away from something, and running away was never the path to freedom. I thought about telling John to turn back. I thought of suggesting…


We turn ourselves in. I can’t believe our model turbine was so strong. I can’t believe it did THAT! It was John’s idea. He thought if we could use a model turbine to show the effectiveness of wind power and how clean and quiet it is. I thought this way we could directly confront him about pulling the research funding for the government clean energy program.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Who knew we’d get front row seats?  Little did we know the mini turbine would have so much power? We just turned it on and it all happened so fast. First the corner came up flapping in the wind, then before we could hit the switch; the President’s toupee came flying off. The secret service closed in on us but we held the turbine enough to blow them back and high-tail it out of there.



Reporters are trained to develop a sixth-sense, a nose for when stories felt fishy. And something about this wasn’t right. First of all…

It was snowing in Africa.  She snows of Mt Kilimanjaro were green with warmer temperatures. In Indiana It was unseasonably warm, with temperatures in the 50s or 60s everyone commented on how “nice” the weather was. Few seemed appropriately upset or concerned

And there were the government factions who were claiming global climate change (gcc) was a farce something made up by Communist China to cause fear and unrest in the Western world. Despite all the scientific warnings and evidence, like why did Indiana not get a snowflake till December 24?

But more than the weather was a switch in attitude from the government Did they no longer care? That’s what this reporter aims to find out that’s why my camera man, John< and I are visiting the White House Press Club. That’s what we are going to get to the bottom off…

Winter Weather

The wind whispered through the dark empty trees like a warning in a foreign language. Winter was coming and with winter…

Came mood swings. First, there was Christmas my favorite holiday. I listened to Christmas music starting November 1st, put the tree up and light it every day from the day after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas movies and spend Christmas day watching the old classics. I really have a big expectation because every year as Christmas starts to wind down; I fall into a deep depression.

I despair that all the fun is gone and its dark all of the time. The last two new years’ eves I have spent in the mental wellness ward. This year I am trying to keep perspective. My friend got me a seasonal affective disorder lamp that mimics sunlight.

So far there are no frigid temps or cold just the gloomy skies and relentless darkness. You would think I’d welcome the warmer weather, but it comes at a price. The core temperature of the Earth is increasing and weather patterns are starting to invert   (snow in Texas warm temps in Indiana). So now I have nothing to worry about except the end of the world.

The Session

“How did you know?” I asked not sure I wanted the answer. I thought I had been careful. I thought her…



Wouldn’t be able to see though the façade I put up each day. After just a few sessions with this therapist the walls were starting to crumble.

“I am not a compulsive liar,” I said emphatically.

“Why do you assume I think you’re lying?” she asked.

“Everyone does,” I replied. “They think I am making tins stuff up but it just keeps happening to me.”

“Like what stuff?” she asked “Like the drugs?”

I shifted in my seat and lowered my head. “That was a mistake,” I mumbled inaudibly

“You said you were selling cocaine? You said it was hidden in the register?  It says here you did it because you wanted more attention?” she interrogated

“That’s what it says,” I echoed back

Her eyes bored into me. “I think it was because you believed it to be true”

I blinked and then broke down sobbing. “It’s seems so real” I said between crying spells “it’s not just the drugs its lots of thing” She comforted me and as I asked” What’s wrong with me?”

Well she said softly it appears you are having delusions.


The Fantasy

I’ve lived in the same town my whole life, and most of the time that’s fine with me. But in the late fall when the sky fills with birds migrating south for the winter, traveling thousands of miles, I get homesick for places I’ve never been. Places like…

I read about in books. Having high levels of stress even as a child, I often used books and fantasy as a coping mechanism for the harsh realities of life

I wandered with Gandalf through the Elven lands of Elron and Rivendell.  I played and frolicked with Frodo and Sam in the shire. I went 20,000 leagues under the sea with Jules Verne and shopped for school books with Harry, Ron and Hermione at DIagon Alley

This is one reason the motor coach trip meant so much to me a chance to visit the land of my childhood fantasies would bridge the gap between fantasy and reality that had plagued me my whole life.

There was a secret though; one I thought no one knew. Sometimes I became delusional and blurred the real life and fantasy. Sometimes I didn’t know which was which …