what I love about autumn

Leaves crunching on the browning grass
Temperate nights with warm pajamas on crisp cool sheets
Windbreakers and parkas
Orange and yellow everywhere you look
Hot oatmeal to get your day started
The beginning of a new school year
College campus all filled with squirrels and nuts
Piles of forgotten foliage
Duck boots for splashing in October rain
Pumpkins and gourds become magical beings
Candy corn and caramel apples
Fun costumes and trick or treat
Football Football
Locking helmets out on the gridiron
Baseball playoffs win or go home
Haunted houses and ghost stories
Read by the fireplace at the union
Hayrides to pumpkin patches
And Corn mazes
Covered bridge festivals
Busy honey bees
Fresh apple butter
Creek and river waters running high
Cool fall breezes on your neck
Jumping in leaf piles
Leaf fights
Bunny slippers for warm feet on cold floors
Thanksgiving and all the fun it brings
Stories of native americans and pioneers
Walking down well-worn paths
Coloring in fall color by number
Remembering the good times
When autumn at last is in the past


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