10 favorite websites

10. http://www.myfridgefood.com/

Click on your ingredients  on hand and it spits out a recipe or meal ideas. Easy convenient for nights you want to mix it up.

9. . https://www.etsy.com/

This crafting based website has everything from patterns to make handmade items to hand-crafted items for sale. I got my leather journal and it is a true work of art.

8. https://www.food-finders.org/education-classes/

Free cooking menu and meal planning classes for Lafayette area. They also have other  handy classes like budgeting and plumbing.

7. www.cooks.com

simple straightforward recipes for every dish you can imagine.

6.. http://tipcat.tcpl.lib.in.us/

The website for our local library lets you search books, cds, dvds and research articles. More importantly you can stay up to date on all the events and book clubs of the library. A great place for free entertainment.

5. www.goodreads.com

This social media site for readers allows you to review, recommend and track your reading Also  great for finding the order of books in a series. You can automatically post to goodreads from your kindle.

4. http://thinkwritten.com/365-creative-writing-prompts/

Do you know I don’t think of all these writing ideas myself? This list of creative writing prompt site is fuel to the fire that is my imagination

3. www.pinterest.com

I am not a pin it and forget it kind of gal. I actually use my  pins for instruction, inspiration and fun. And boy do I pin! With more than 6000 pins and 100 followers there is something for everyone.

funkygirlxox@yahoo.com if you want to add me.

2. . www.wordpress..com

How can I forget the site that connects me with my readers? I love wordpress as a blogging site and a place to reach a diverse audience

1. http://www.bipolarworld.net/

My home away from home! I volunteer on this site as a chat room moderator. For us folks with bipolar disorder or a loved one of bipolar disorder, I truly recommend this site. Everyone is caring welcoming and supportive a true definition of the word “community”






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