favorite paintings

10. Da Vinci – Last Supper

For all the fervor  it garnered in the Da Vinci code, this painting remains a mysterious classic.

9. Vincent Van Gogh –Sunflowers

I know most would choose starry night, but there is just something about these sunflowers that just sets my mind afire with the texture of the plants. (sunflowers are also one of my favorite flowers)

8. Pablo Picasso –Blue Guitarist

 In his blue period, you can actually make out forms. This forlorn, lean guitarist graced my bedroom wall through college.

7, Henry Tanner- Banjo Lesson

This simple bold piece is riveting and full of emotions of daily African American life

6. James McNeil Whistler’s Mother

Image result for By James Whistler Whistler's Mother

This is a good portrait of everyday puritan life. I love the picture within the picture.

5. George Seurat A Sunday on Grande Jatte

The pinnacle piece for pointillism this thing is massive in real life at the Chicago Art Institute and is absolutely mind blowing

4.Cezzane The House Behind the Trees on the Road to Thonolet

The Impressionistic scene created is pure and simple nature. It reminds me of a Robert Frost poem.

3. Grant Wood American Gothic

Man and woman with stern expession stand side-by-side. The man holds a pitch fork.

Also known  as “The Farmer and His Wife” this iconic piece is present in pop culture from the Rocky Horror Picture Show to the Simpsons.

2, Edvard Munch The Scream Edvard Munch

This classic image is actually a lithograph not a painting but few know that and so I am including this eerie piece on the list its as chilling as it is moving.

1. Jacob Lawrence Parade

He is a lesser known artist of the Harlem Renaissance  but his bold use of shape and color is breathtaking. He also produces pieces about African American life in the city.


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