10 Writers

10. Jack Londonw

Life is tough and so is wilderness. Sometimes people just die at the end. This wilderness realist write is not afraid to go to the dark  places.Call of the Wild, Into Thin Air, and The Fire are a few great classics

9. Earnest Hemingway

The master of  how to say something while barely saying anything, The Sun Also  Rises  is great Modernist travelogue  stripped to its b are bones.

8. Robert  Heinlein

From Stranger in a Strange Land to the 80’s cult classic film Starship Troopers Heinlein was the master of Cold War sci-fi. It’s a testament to man’s stagnicity  that most of this books were set in the 80’s and 90’s. Citizen of the Galaxy was my favorite. It deals with macrocosm of slavery and microcosm of the ships’ clans.

7. Lillian Jackson Braun

Sometimes you just need a good book about a guy and his cats.. These murder thrillers are a fun and easy read.

6. Fannie Flagg

Always set in the South and always a good laugh, Fannie Flagg books are guaranteed to literally make you laugh out loud. They are also written in short experts that are perfect for “quick-read” spurts. Fried Green Tomatoes Is al so one of my favorite movies

5. Carolyn Keene

Although she’s a ghost writer and a “children’s” author Nancy Drew’s are my first go to when I am having a  hard time concentrating. It’s a fun, quick, easy read. The first novel The Secret of the Old Clock is as a good a nail biter as any adult mystery

4. Edgar Allen  Poe

The favorite for dark poetry and prose, I used to read Poe as a kid to really scare myself. Few know he is also the master and pioneer of the short story including Murder in the Rue Morgue which is credited as the first murder mystery

3.William Faulkner

Known by my professor as the “wall of words,” Faulkner never follows Grammatical rules such as punctuation or antecedents for pronoun which makes it a challenging yet rewarding dream. Light in August is a Freudian’s wet dream.

2. Dorothy Gilliam

She is hilarious! From A Nun in the Closet to the darling mystery series of Mrs. Pollifax elderly secret agent, these books are light-hearted and funny to read.

1. Mark Twain

Master of humor, whit, the hoax and the tall-tale, and as serous as the racial tension in Huckleberry Finn Twain is truly the jack of all trades, master of none. From travelogues such as Roughing it and Life on the Mississippi  to A Connecticut  Yankee in King Arthur’s Court wwhich many regard as the first sci-fi novel, Twain has seen, done and written it all.




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