Alliteration Challenge

Write a poem alliterating AB lines with each letter of the alphabet and AB rhyme scheme

Alliteration challenge



Adam‘s adamant in hearing sounds

Alert, awake to describe each one he found

The babbling brook bubbles along

The beautiful birds sing a song

The cackling call of the ducks

The creepy crawly of the bugs

The damp dusty bank

The drumming down flow of the water

The enigmatic energy of motion

The elastic elevation of the ocean

The frosty fridge ice

The foraging frogs are nice

The gracious goats

Grazing gloats

The happy hearth

The hearty hog mirth

Iridescent ice

Igloos’ irrelevant strife

Jumping jelly beans

Jupiter jams to be seen

Kangaroo kids

Krash kicking skids

Lion’s laughter

Lingers long after

Marsupials’ marmite

Manifests moths tonight

Needy gnats to eat the jam

Notorious nights dining off ham

Orange orangutans hang from trees

Odorous otters never leave

Perfectly pleasant

Place for a pheasant

Quick quirky

Quale quince jerky

Rhinos’ rodeos

Random rascals go to those

Slithering snakes

Show something it takes

To teach the crowd

To tremble loud

Uncle unicorns

Under uniform

Waiting waving

Waxing waning

Volumous variety

Viscous various spies to me

X-rays x-rays  just done

Xanax xanthan gum

Zero zany gum found

Zinc zippy lozenges all around



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