10 Favorite Foods

10. Green bean casserole

I can eat a triple batch of this holiday staple anytime

9. Pizza

America’s favorite. I love Pizza Hut’s pepperoni lovers’ and Papa John’s premium pepperoni with extra garlic butter. A slice of heart attack on a plate.

8.Hot dogs with chili and cheese

Not shredded cheese, we’re talking gas station drippy “cheddar” cheese sauce lots of pickles please

7.Boneless buffalo wings. My two favorite places for these delicacies are Wing Stop and Mad Mushroom. Hold the ranch and extra celery.

6. tacos

One of the rare foods I make that I like the homemade version of better. So simple to make any day can be taco Tuesday

5. fajita

Ole~! It takes only a glimpse of my restaurants list to see that I hold Tex-Mex in pretty high esteem. it’s the savory sizzle of this little diddy I love

4. Gas station pickles

Family Express has the best pickles in a pouch  crispy crunchy not too vinegary , made in the USA, donations to Boys’ and Girls’ club and zero calories make these the perfect savory snack

3.Pot roast

Not just any pot roast, slow cooked with onion, carrots, celery and potatoes in gravy or au jus

2. Beef Stew

The perfect combination of #3 and #1 this savory sensation is the star of the winter months


Anything but tomato or clam chowder. My personal favorites are Steak n Shake’s beef vegetable soup and Olive Garden’s chicken gnocchi and of course endless soup at Golden Coral




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