10 Restaurants

10. Long  John Silver’s

crispy crunch fried goodness with cocktail sauce What’s not to like? Hold the coleslaw extra corn and an A&W strawberry shake please.

9. The Lindos Mexican restaurant on 52.

Chicken fajita salad tastes so good. Not to mention free chips and salsa

8. Red Lobster

five words ALL YOU CAN EAT SHRIMP- all scampi of course

7. En Lai Chinese

They deliver~! Everything is good from the fried dumplings to the egg rolls  and they have very clean big shrimp in their shrimp with broccoli

6. Dog N Suds

There are dogs and suds. What more could you want? Best conies and frosted root beer anywhere or if you’re really hungry try a Texas burger topped with coney sauce

5. McDonald’s

A buck a  burger makes this one accessible place the fries, nuggets and mcdobules are good and they have the best buffalo sauce ever

4. Taco Bell

Make a run for the border. The dollar cravings menu makes this another frequent stop. My favorite is the beefy frito burrito with four mild sauces. I do mourn the loss o the chili cheese burrito

3.Speedway hot dogs

chili cheese onion and lots of pickles  in your neighborhood and on your way


2. Moe’s Southwest Grill

Best Nachos in town. A Billy Barou  loaded with chicken, cheese , guacamole, and grilled veggies. Don’t forget the velvety smooth queso

1, Golden Coral

Anything  you want , as much as you want, that’s the way to do it up. My favorites are chicken fajita salad, pot roast and of course bowls and bowls of endless soup.





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