8 Day Hiatus

Dear Followers: I would like to apologize for the recent silence on my blog. The fact of the matter is I spent 8 days inpatient at a lovely psych facility. I was treated well and so far the sheesties are gone. The only thing now is to fill my mind and all the quiet silence the exodus of the shesties has left behind. I am listening to music on an mp3 player with headphones per the advice of my inpatient psychiatrist. (I am currently listening to Gregorian Chants ). I didn’t have a computer in the hospital but I was never far from my trusty journal and pen. One of the therapists gave us a list of journal prompts. One of the prompts was “100 Things I Love” it breaks down your favorite things by category for example 10 favorite foods, restaurants etc. I did most of it while in the hospital and it actually required a lot more insight and reflection than I anticipated. So over the next few days I will be posting various categories. 90 things I love (10 are people and I am omitting that list due to confidentiality.)

I hope you look forward to learning more about me. I am looking for reader feedback as well so please feel free to leave a comment and weigh in on your favorites.

It’s great to be back again !



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