10 Activities

10. Fishing/Hiking/Bird Watching

It’s relaxing, you can be one with nature, beautiful sunrise, foliage, and wild animals its quiet and relaxing, challenging to identify birds and plants.

9. Adult coloring books

They hold my attention, they help use my creative side, they help with decision  making and you get a beautiful picture at the outcome

8. Meditation/Mindfulness/Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Its calming, makes me more self-aware improves body pain/muscle tension it has a cleansing effect and improves mood.

7. Crafts

They hold my attention, helps me express myself creatively and a nice outcome at the end.

6. Watching Sports

I get invested in a team, its a good distraction, and it releases some stress/tension

5.  Reading

Its a great distraction. I get invested in another world. escape from reality and its great for community activities like book club.

4. Nintendo DS

Get involved in another video game world. Gets out tension/ aggression, many different types of games/activities in one device portable

3. Playing with/ cuddling Shep. (my dog)

It focuses my attention, relieves stress is funny and fun, helps me with responsibility and loving and caring


2. Bipolarwrold chat

It’s fun, engaging , good distraction and I learn responsibility helping myself and others

1. Writing

It allows me to express myself emotionally and creatively, helps other to feel good when they read it and its fun!






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