The cure

We need a cure

A cure for sure

Mental illness untreated

Help me please the patients pleaded

So they made pills and drinks and creams

So addictive that we fiend

Some will turn you into a zombie

Make you as peaceful as Mahatma Gandhi

Some will make you rage even more

Others make your body sore

Some will make you big and fat

Can you even imagine that?

If regular pills made you gain weight

There would be protests straight away

Some will make you sleep and sleep

Others will make you weep

Some make you need to get your blood drawn

Others make you stay awake long


Feel the powers

Drs. and Scientists have over the mentally ill

We are subject to their  will

Then there is ECT

Please don’t even start with me

And for this we pay a fee

Makes you lose your memory

There is no other disease

That would be treated by ECTs

If you tried cancer patient shock

The entire world you’d rock

So I ask if we sound defeated

When we leave mental illness untreated


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