Decades Ago

pt192Today’s prompt is to write about my favorite decade. Now I was born in1976, so it would stand to reason I would pick a decade 1980s or above. I have always been told I have an “old soul” and that I am very mature for my age. Basically, I had few friends in childhood and preferred to hang out with my parents their friends and other adults.  I strongly believe I have been at least twice reincarnated before my birth in 1976 and the two decades that I am fascinated with are ones where I spent my past lives.

The first life is in the roaring 20’s I was a young girl raised in a temperance family. I was Expected to go to the bars and speak-easies to condemn the evil poison that is alcohol particularly whiskey.  However, when I came to New York from my small town in Kansas, I was immediately attracted by the lights, the music, the overall glitz and glamor of it all. I would dance late into the night at the hottest clubs hit –up by all the soon to be expatriate writers. It was there at the Neon Cotton that I went to bed with Earnest Hemingway. I claimed to be the inspiration for Lady Ashley Brett in The Sun Also Rises. I also rebelled against my temperance family and immigrated to Paris where I met a wealthy man and lived into my 40’s and died from a case of scarlet fever.

Even today I am very interested in the temperance movement and the subsequent repeal of the 18th amendment. I watched the Ken Burns documentary on Prohibition enough to have it memorized. I love swing dancing and swing music such as Ellington, Django, and Glen Miller band. I am very well-read and well-versed in the roaring twenties and the lives of the expatriate authors.

The second decade I am absolutely obsessed with is the 1960’s. I have actual visions of this life. I was a man with wild long red curly hair and an unkempt wiry beard. I often wore a psychedelic plaid shirt blue and red with white dotted tear-drop shapes. I smoked pot and dropped LSD went to many open concerts and shows in the Haight-Ashbury district. I danced to the dead, drove a VW bus yellow with red and white checked curtains and sold falafels at Dead concerts to make money. I had a gf named Sue –zu and skated in empty pools in LA… My life was cut tragically short when I got a bad dose of shrooms during a Dead concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Marking the end of my life into the passing of this current one was almost immediate. I probably ODed in mid-70’s and was soon reborn.

I am still a huge fan of 60’s rock. Huge Deadhead, Janis Joplin, and Quicksilver Messenger Band etc. the list goes on. I even had a tattoo of grateful dead bears around my ankle. I love Jesus sandals, roach clips and all things leather and beaded.

I have yet to find my “decade” for this life. I am wondering if it’s only a retro-active thing. The more you remember the more you can latch on to the part of life that makes you who you really are or at who you really were and maybe just maybe who you’ll really be.







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