30 Day Challenge

I have been reading a book called The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in your life By Thomas M. Sterner. It’s premise is , if you enjoy practicing mindfulness, you will be completely involved in the task. You will not only master it you will enjoy it and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. In theory, everything can be “practiced” in a mindful way, work, tasks, chores, skills. The book also strongly suggests focusing on process versus product. This see med particularly on point for me as I had been torn between writing for my blog or writing for my memoirs. Instead of writing for writing’s sake, I became overwhelmed and stopped writing.

So after much  consideration, I have decided on a 30 day challenge. I bookmarked a site with 620 writing prompts and a random number generator. I will write using  whatever number prompt comes up every morning for writing’s sake. Some will end up in the blog, some will end up in my memoirs and some will stay in the notebook.

Today is day one of the challenge and as fate would have it, the prompt was “This week I have avoided…” After 30 days if I have developed a good habit  I will continue.

I would like to say that this b log has  gone farther than I ever expected. I appreciate al the likes, follows and comments. Please wish me well in this endeavor and I look forward to writing more!


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