My Evil Alter Ego

My secret identity in the Sims  is Mrs_Funky . Mrs_Funky is evil to the core.  Her other traits are intelligent, book-worm, computer whiz, and daredevil. She has black hair with red thunder bolts like the bride of Frankenstein, Her skin is white and pasty and she wears a black teddy with a black silk robe.

She is an inventor by trade and has managed to produce and market spring dog toys. Once when she was experimenting, she detonated her bed while her husband, Frank N Stein was in it. Fortunately the firefighters arrived quickly and he was saved. She has four children one pale white and three green triplets.

In true evil Sim fashion, she trolls on forums. Sometimes she hacks into the AARP site with live porn filmed in local nursing homes. She is the founding member and president of the bipolar disorder misnomer foundation, a radical fringe group that  trolls on bipolar forums and chat rooms claiming that  bipolar disorder stole the acronym bp from blood pressure and the latter is the only true meaning.  She under-minds the kleptomaniac society by  donating prize money for contests which reward the theft of rare or precious items. She is the lead mastermind behind the Suckers for suckers child “development” movement which buys large suckers to give to infants and toddlers and once they have had a taste of that  sweet nectar, tears it away from them literally stealing candy from a baby. She does this  with her own children daily  She is also very rude and inconsiderate, asking portly people if they want to play “fatty cakes” and short people when they are going to grow up.

One day  Mrs_Funky was at an inventors’ convention where she met a vampire named Vladimir. She convinced him to hack into the New York Stock Exchange using the “motherlode” code to perform a hostile takeover of the three biggest American banks netting them millions. Vladimir was afraid Mrs_Funky would get greedy for  his half too and turn him in so he did a vampire brain washing trick called glamoring  which made her forget all her crimes. She lives happily evil after n a beach in cabo san luca with her husband and kids








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