Tweens Tweens

are like alien beings

Not quite child not quite adult

leaves them in constant tumult

Wants to play with childhood toys

starts to look at girls or  boys

Parents become a source of humiliation

in public want parents to take a vacation

from watching them and showing they care

Sometimes it just isn’t fair

that they can’t do things by themselves

“like God mom! so does everyone else!”

Be independent but part of a flock

like cheerleader,  stoner, geek, or jock

Rock stars and athletes

tweens tend to look up to these

TIll they happen to need you maybe

Then you remind them they’re always your baby







One thought on “Tweens

  1. This is a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you for sharing it with us. I feel that I can relate to what you are saying. I am following you so that I can read more of your work.


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