For Medicinal Purposes

For Medicinal purposes




I want to fly high as a kite

I want a bark as bad as my bite

I want to touch the sky and never come down

Because my feet never hit the ground

It’s not a gentle landing all nice and slow

Its falling ten feet in a pit below

Oh what kind of roller coaster

Is this disease we call bipolar?

One minute you’re the king of the world

Next thing you know the depression’s unfurled

With medication we may be able

To reach what the psychiatrists call stable

It’s great for depression gets you out of bed

But have to get the mania out of your head

That sweet seduction that makes you surrender

Forget how depression feels but then you remember

This trip is for life it’s a never ender

So when you are flying high as a kite

Just because you’re happy all is not right

So take your medicine as long as you’re able

I promise in time you’ll learn to love “stable”


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