Simulate This!

Simulate THIS!

So you want to simulate poverty

That idea really bothers me

Want to bridge the gap between have and have not

Won’t work until the haves start to stop

To help the homeless on the spot

Or maybe take a stand on minimum wage

And try to engage

With economic problems that fuel the poor

Don’t look down on them anymore

Try to understand their position

Many can’t work due to a health condition

Others don’t have skills for a job

Have to beg so they don’t have to rob

If you think poor people are lazy

Maybe you’re the one who is crazy

Up at dawn to get assistance

While many would just say good riddance

Ignore the poor altogether

But here’s the thing you never know whether

Your job could end and the table is turned

Forced to become the thing you spurned

But to know what it’s like through simulation

Is like suggesting you take a “wealth vacation”

But you still have money for whatever you wish

So hey you classists simulate this!


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