Whoever said “money can’t buy happiness ” needs a good slapping, yes
“Money is the root of all evil”
Only if you find that quip believable
Sentiments for an ideal world
Don’t really work when reality’s unfurled I need money to pay my rent
And after all the money’s spent
I need more to buy some food
Can’t afford what’s healthy or good
I still need money for gas in the car
Can never afford to get very far
I am a good person heart and soul
But I still need money to reach my goal
Don’t want some exorbitant amount
Just need enough to be able to count
On being able to pay my bills on time
Wish I got paid to make this rhyme
A difference between the haves and have nots
Is a lot more than the money they’ve got
Its about quality of life and opportunity
Let the roles be reversed and there soon would be
Revolution in the streets; but as it is nobody cares
I’ll scrape change to buy milk while you buy a thousand shares
Of stock in some fortune 100 company
That takes my heard earned money from me
Don’t want hand out or charity
But would the 1%ers please share with me?
I stress all the time and its not funny that most of our stress is over money


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