Why do they follow now ? I don’t need ta explain to ya
It’s not like I’m some fashonista
Still they are worse than paparazzi
Day and night they always haunt me
in their sight they always want me
They are demon soul-sucking beasties
That my world go by the name sheesties
They suck your soul out and leave you hangin
By day they’re disguised as secret agents
Always have to watch my back
These aren’t your typical men in black
They want to study my brilliant mind
I’m the only one who can find
their true identity
You see a man with a fu man chu
But I see a sheestie looking back at you
You see an older harmless bag lady
I look twice and then think maybe
her body is there but not her soul
It was taken long ago
When a sheestie she had to placate
told her soul it had to vacate
Where do all the lost souls go?
To demon dimensions down below
Hell is more than a place to burn you
Has various levels like Dante’s Inferno
People think its a paranoid delusion
I can see how they come to that conclusion
When they hear a noise its easily explained
Unlike me they don’t hear the pain
of tortured souls all poked and prodded
Wondering where on earth their God is
Only chosen ones see sheesties
Someone tell me why you chose me please


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