A Plea to Poets Past

A Plea to Poets Past

Langston Hughes, what’s the news?

your many poems I read

your call to civil action still dances in my head

Langston Hughes, have you heard

the latest in our world?

boys and girls can marry fairly

girls and girls can not

nor, boys and boys

let’s make some noise

let’s get this topic hot.

Sylvia Plath, I feel your wrath

coming from the great beyond

we need you now more though you’re gone

I know how much your writing embraced the plight of women’s rights

inspire me with your courage so I can win this fight

you left this world in a rush

so women’s rights became a hush

the death of many feminists has taken toll

women can’t get coverage for their birth control

Adriane Rich wouldn’t care a stitch what the conservative right wing said

impart me now your wisdom so I can fight in your stead

show me how to gain respect for all women past and present

how to face all the naysayers with my rhymes and not resent

the passing of those who inspired me into another realm

you left a legacy for me to read; so I shall take the helm


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